Lab Work

Griffin Maritime Strategies – Website

Griffin Maritime Strategies is a maritime consultancy focused on the art and science of safe navigation, the efficient movement of maritime commerce, and the effective integration with other shared uses in the maritime domain.

With an emphasis on movement and Griffin Maritime’s ship-handling expertise, we focused the UX design of this website around the magnificent visuals that the maritime industry has to offer. In particular, at desktop size, users are told a visual story through the site’s stunning homepage hero video.

Like Griffin Maritime, we take pride in our nearly three decades of experience. Our shared philosophies translated into a well-designed website on the WordPress content management system. was designed and developed with our mobile-first methodology, fluid and responsive code, and, of course, the aforementioned homepage hero.

Client: Griffin Maritime Strategies
Project: Custom Website Design & Development
Design & Development: Idea Lab Digital, LLC
Drone Video: Brian Kushner
Photography: Adobe Stock, J. Stuart Griffin