Lab Work

Arletta Resource Recovery Ecommerce Upgrade

After launching their website with us a few years prior, our client, Arletta, returned to us for an ecommerce upgrade: Their full-service dumpster rentals had become a central focus of their business. They were now looking to add an ecommerce solution to the website, while also easing the scheduling and ordering process for their customers. Giving their clients the capability to schedule and checkout directly through their website was ideal. This would also make it easier for Arletta to attract and land new customers by allowing them to go from discovery, to learning more, to completing a transaction.

To solve the problem, we focused on ease-of-use and clarity for both our client, and their customers. We designed description pages for each available dumpster size, complete with a calendar that allows users to request a rental within a certain date range, while also previewing the price of their request. Users are then taken to a cart where they can complete the purchase.

We also redesigned Arletta’s homepage to focus on the dumpster rental capabilities. Customers will find a number of highlighted buttons and text points to easily navigate to the rental options and everything can be accomplished within the website. All that’s left is for Arletta’s crew to drop off and pick up the dumpsters — talk about full service!

Client: Arletta Resource Recovery, Inc.
Project: Ecommerce Upgrade