Lab Work


Children’s author and breast cancer survivor, Linda Sattel, came to us with the exciting task of designing her new book, Matiah and Tally Go to the Moon.

This brightly illustrated story entails a little monkey named Matiah who longs to explore the world outside his home in Kenya. He and his tiger friend Tally find themselves on the adventure of their lives aboard a friendly spaceship, flying to the moon and back.

When Linda was forty-one-years-old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the midst of her exhausting cancer treatment, she wanted to find a way to better connect and spend time with her young children. So began her stories of Matiah and Tally – two friends who would travel to exotic places on a spaceship named “Spacey”. Linda dedicates her book to her children, loving husband, and to the courageous women battling breast cancer.

We were thrilled to work side-by-side with Linda, her illustrator Sarah Armstrong, and printing partner, Perfect Communications, to make Linda’s vibrant story come to life on paper for the first time.

In addition to the design and layout of “Matiah and Tally Go to the Moon”, Idea Lab Digital designed and produced the following marketing materials for author, Linda Sattel, to debut her new book.

Purchase your copy of “Matiah and Tally Go to the Moon” here.

Written by: Linda Sattel
Illustrated by: Sarah L. Armstrong
Designed by: Idea Lab Digital
Book Printing: Perfect Communications
Collateral Printing: MOO Inc.