Lab Work

15 Second Pre-Roll Video Ad, “Classic Creative for the Modern Marketing Game”

Your audience and prospects… athletes, engineers, medical professionals, teachers, accountants, cashiers and EVERYONE in between are on YouTube and Facebook. It’s time to be in the forefront of their screens and minds.

Pre-roll ads are promotional videos that play before content the user has selected. It’s a top of the funnel type of advertising that is used to cultivate awareness, develop brand buzz, educate potential customers and drive website traffic. Pre-roll ads have the potential to be misused or made poorly, but when done properly, they turn leads into customers. With the experience, education and creativity here at Idea Lab Digital, we know how to do it right.

Just like Google AdWords, your video ad doesn’t have to be in front of everybody, just the people that might be interested in what you have to offer. With an average of 18-49 year olds watching more YouTube than all the top prime time television shows combined (YouTube Internal Data, Global), it’s important to get on screen in front of all entertainment media in the current digital age. The fact of the matter is consumers feel more confident in purchasing when they see explainer videos of products. We know just how to make those explainer videos. So, why not make your customers feel more confident in your products?

Client: Idea Lab Digital, LLC
Project: 15s Pre-Roll Video Ad