Lab Work

The Moriuchi Group Content Development

The Moriuchi Group (TMG) combines a deep understanding of real estate data with technology and disciplined marketing/sales tactics to sell residential real estate, commercial properties and land in South Jersey and the surrounding areas. TMG has a keen understanding of the importance of marketing both for their team and for their clients in order to be successful. One way that The Moriuchi Group utilizes ILD and our expertise for their marketing endeavors is through content development on their blog/news page.

In order to gain higher rankings in search engines, your site needs to produce lots of content on a regular basis. One productive way to do this is through a blog or news section. This helps in increasing the Google crawling frequency on your site. As the content on your site increases through posts, you will rank higher for more search terms and your organic traffic will also increase. TMG understands the importance of this but because of busy schedules, this is not something they can tackle on their own. That’s where we come in: We work with them to develop rich content and assets to live on the blog/news page and ensure that each post includes relevant and attractive information. This allows The Moriuchi Group to focus on their clients while we take on the content development to further their website and marketing efforts.

Client: The Moriuchi Group
Project: Content Development