Lab Work

Act responsively and be a hero...

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond the call of duty, so that’s exactly what we did for next generation public safety software company, ProPhoenix, Inc. If your website is out of date and doesn’t comply with Google’s Mobile-Friendly standards, then it’s time to act responsively and be a hero. was designed and developed with our mobile-first methodology, fluid and responsive code and features a captivating homepage hero video.

We began by researching the public safety software industry to better understand their user base. In our content and visual strategy phase, we formed a sitemap and wireframes, focusing on the need for more call-to-action on the ProPhoenix homepage. Thinking mobile-first, we specifically designed the mobile wireframe to establish a content hierarchy that flows in a single column.

When it came time to tackle the user interface design we wanted to visually express the client's core message in a clear and effective manner. Using custom icons, larger headline font sizes and strong imagery allowed us to build a cleaner and easier flow across all pages. Adding a video background under the header gives the site a modern look and allows viewers to instantly focus on the main call-to-action while also learning more about the company.

The result is a clear and simplistic site that promotes the ProPhoenix product lines and invites users to demo products and therefore helps ProPhoenix gather leads.

Client: ProPhoenix, Inc.
Project: Responsive Site Featuring Hero Video