Lab Work

Mercer Bucks Technology

Mercer Bucks Technology provides cost-effective, long-term IT solutions for businesses in Mercer County, NJ, and Bucks County, PA. From remote access for immediate results, to on-site assistance, they’re happy to provide project help and support, as well as manage IT services for your company.

The ILD team works closely with the client to create and manage digital search ads via Google AdWords, and a monthly email newsletter that goes out to the client’s email list. We also assist the MBT team with monthly blog posts as well as website search engine optimization.

During monthly meetings, we review and discuss the previous month's analytics to determine how the campaign is performing and determine the next month's messaging. This process aligns with our Creative CURE, a proven process combining branding, digital and other tactics to generate leads.

Client: Mercer Bucks Technology
Project: Google Adwords, Email Newsletter, SEO