Lab Work

Harlequin Floors – “Architectural Digest” Campaign

Some traditional publications like “Architectural Digest” have migrated magnificently into the digital age. Advertiser, Harlequin Floors was looking to reach architects, interior designers, event planners and performing arts professionals through a digital platform in addition to Google and social media channels. Idea Lab Digital worked closely with American Harlequin’s marketing director to find a new yet proven publication with the appropriate audience, and was a no brainer. Idea Lab developed rich media animated ads to showcase the Harlequin brand and service offerings, which were then placed on for a 2-week long campaign through the Google AdWords Display Network. As a benchmark, standard display click through rates (CTRs) aim to achieve anywhere from a 0.25% – 0.40% CTR. Harlequin’s campaign saw 13,154 total impressions, 108 clicks, with an above average click through rate (CTR) of 0.82%. The majority of traffic came from users who were on mobile devices, amounting to 91 clicks, 5,895 impressions and a CTR of 1.54%!

Client: Harlequin Floors
Project: Rich media ads on