Lab Work

Eastern Metal Trading Co.

Eastern Metal Trading Company (EMTC) buys and sells metal inventory that has become available in the spot market, covering all of North America. EMTC purchases and sells material that is new surplus, excess from lost applications, canceled orders, obsolete, field claims and salvage.

Since EMTC inventory changes rapidly, the digital ad team here at ILD works closely with the client to adjust, create and manage digital ads that generate leads and bolster sales. We have developed an ongoing customized digital campaign with a cross-platform strategy on both search and social platforms, such as Google and LinkedIn. Every month, we produce branded imagery to further EMTC’s reach and exposure through paid advertising.

During monthly meetings, we review and discuss the previous month's analytics to determine how the campaign is performing and determine the next month's messaging. This process aligns with our Creative CURE, a proven process combining branding, digital and other tactics to generate leads.

Client: Eastern Metal Trading Co.
Project: Digital Ad Campaign