Lab Work

Preparing for online congresses — Staying connected to clients using NPP

Pharma companies have to stay relevant and up-to-date with the ever-changing world. In the past, pharmaceutical representatives would be sent to promote their products through in-person conversations with physicians. Technology has vastly changed and currently, Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) is the standard for pharma companies and it is pertinent in this period of our lives.

Don’t be fooled by the name; Non-Personal Promotion is anything but impersonal. In reality, NPP can be very customized to physicians and Pharma companies using email marketing, digital campaigns and SEO with highly targeted audiences to reach the right people.

Breaking Data is utilizing NPP to connect with their prospective clients to provide the necessary reports and customer insights for their clients. With the ASCO congress moving to an online platform, it was especially important for Breaking Data to stay in the forefront of their client’s minds.

We are supporting Breaking Data by updating their site with COVID-19-specific content, creating social graphics to go out across LinkedIn (both through paid and organic marketing), and designing email marketing campaigns to reach new and current clients.

Client: Breaking Data
Project: Digital Advertising & Email Campaigns