Lab Work


Idea Lab Digital helped launch Zettlebug, a real estate network from the ground up. Starting with a name, ILD team members brainstormed a variety of name options and our client narrowed it down to one: Zettlebug.

Zettlebug — An uncontrollable, highly contaigious urge to play the real life game of monopoly and acquire as much real estate as possible.

After naming the startup, we worked on a logo. The Zettlebug logo consists of a strong yet simple word mark paired with a custom-made origami butterfly. The branded color is soothing, natural, and high tech while still holding a modern and youthful feeling.

Next, we designed the product itself — a custom web application that allows busy Realtors to find trusted agents to show a property when they're unavailable. This private and secure web app provides Zettlebug members the ability to connect with approved and licensed agents.

Client: The Moriuchi Group
Art Direction/Creative: Idea Lab Digital
Project: Branding & Custom Web App Development