Lab Work

MLA Dispute Resolution

MLA Dispute Resolution consists of distinguished mediators who understand the pitfalls and successes of modern litigation. Jumping into a very traditional and tired industry, MLA Dispute Resolution is entering the field with knowledge, passion, and intentionality in what they do. They want their clients to Experience The Difference from start to finish. It was up to us to create a brand identity that would not only live up to that expectation, but advance it as well.

Website Design and Development

Our client is here to pave a better way to resolve class, complex, and two-party disputes. MLA Dispute Resolution has a passion to clearly define what they do and how it is different from the rest. A custom theme was developed to reflect the client’s specific needs and to emulate the modern approach they take in their mediating.

Client: MLA Dispute Resolution
Art Direction/Creative: Idea Lab Digital
Project: Branding